The Swan Hill Scholarship Foundation is a funding body that provides financial support to students who may not have the opportunity to pursue their education to realise their talents and dreams without additional financial assistance.

This scholarship provides for $1000 to be offered to the successful applicant to be spent on nominated approved school expenses, including such items as computers, books, fees, approved camps and other items with foundation approval.

Swan Hill College scholarships will be awarded on the basis of;

  • Skill – academic or artistic.
  • Need – the successful applicant needs to demonstrate that the financial support will enable them to reach their potential and allow them to pursue their ambitions and goals through education at Swan Hill College.
  • Potential – the successful applicant will need to demonstrate that they have the potential to reach their goals.
  • Character – the successful applicant will need to demonstrate that they are of good character and are active members of the school and local community.
  • References – at least one reference from a teacher and one from a community member.
  • Expectations – The renewal of the scholarship in subsequent years will be dependant on the successful applicant reporting to the trustees on their progress at the end of each year.

It is expected that successful applicants will report regularly to the foundation on their school progress/studies and engage with the community to promote the scholarship.

How do I apply?


The initial application is only available to year 9 students who will be completing year 10 at Swan Hill College.  Initial written application should address the above criteria. Applicants may then be asked to attend, with their parents, a meeting with a panel appointed by the foundation.

Applications should be made in writing or video and should be sent to;

Swan Hill College Scholarship Foundation
PO Box 1440
Swan Hill 3585